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A little about me

-I have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to photography, this simple hobby has and still is, helping me to come out of a dark place

My interest in photography started when I was a little girl, thanks to my fathers first camera phone! (One of the earlier Motorola flip phones if I can remember correctly)
My fathers phone was the first digital camera I had ever seen, I loved being able to see my images appear instantly on screen. This prompted me to 'confiscate' his phone every time he came down to visit me so I could take photos of all my animals for him to take back and show my grandparents.
At this point, my mother and step-father did not believe I was old enough for my own digital camera or phone so I made do with practicing my photography on the rare occasions that someone would provide me with one of those cheap disposable film cameras (usually for when I would go on a primary school camp). I could remember the excitement I felt when waiting for my roll of film to finish being developed.

It wasn't until mid 2008 that I was able to start getting into digital photography for real. I got my first cheap Samsung camera phone with a 1 mega-pixel camera. I started off taking photos of my friends and pets, unfortunately I had no way of getting these images off the phone so the pictures were eventually lost. My use of this phone camera taught me the difference in quality depending on the light source, and that the speed of objects had an effect on what my camera could capture.

From 2008 - 2011 each time I had to get a new phone, I would chose with the camera in mind. I made my way from 1,2,4 and then 8 megapixels.
In 2008 I began my first year of high school, it was in this year that I had my first photography class. I was introduced to a Digital SLR camera, I was amazed by the quality in the images!

During 2011 my confidence in myself went down hill and I lost all motivation to attend school. I had developed a fear/anxiety of people and dropped out for the remainder of the year. At the end of this year, my school contacted me and convinced me to attend a meeting where they arrange alternative education for me.
For 2012 I was to be put into a program for students who had 'issues' with either learning or being around others.
I still had difficulties attending this program for the year so my teachers organized for me to do classes in which I had an interest in. They suggested that I participate in a cert IV in photo imaging for 2013 - 2014.

Doing this course has helped me a lot, I have met new people with the same interests as me and it has really helped build my confidence in my abilities.
Each module goes for the length of a term and at the end of each one there is an oral assessment. I have to stand up in front of my class and two assessors and show off/explain a series of images that I had created for this module.
I believe that being forced to talk in front of so many people has helped me to over come my fear of people a little bit. It makes me feel good to be able to relate to other people.

Photography has been helping me to over come obstacles in my life, for this reason I believe that it will be a hobby that I will take with me to the grave.
I am thankful for all that photography has helped me with and I wish to continue learning different techniques and styles so that I can continue to both better my work and my confidence in myself.

My Gear

For my photos I use:
:bulletblue: a Nikon D3100 with a 18mm-55mm lens and a 55mm-200mm lens.
:bulletblue: a Mamiya DSX 1000 with a 35mm lens.
:bulletblue: Photoshop cs6
1234 by Fenrisulfrxx



Mini Camera
Developed 100% by me in a darkroom!
Accidentally added a reverse vignetting during the paper exposing stage, I fell in love with it and decided not to re-do it but to keep it as it is.
If you have any critiques, feel free to click and type away!
Mini Camera (traditional developing process) by Fenrisulfrxx

This is one of my favorite Fauna images that I have created. I loved the depth of field, the focusing and all the warm colours!
If you have any critiques, feel free to click and type away!
Elegance by Fenrisulfrxx

Brighton Jetty
This photo was taken at 10pm. I was having issues with being around other people so I started shooting during the night for a few months.
It was a very refreshing time and I was able to capture this image.
If you have any critiques, feel free to click and type away!
Brighton Jetty by Fenrisulfrxx

Water Fountain
I really enjoy this image, in my opinion it has a really dark atmosphere about it.
If you have any critiques, feel free to click and type away!
Water Fountain by Fenrisulfrxx


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